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About Care Works Inc.
The number one goal of Care Works Inc. is provide a safe and clean environment for children.  We strive to reach this goal through a total concept which includes facilities, equipment and staff.  Our staff share 60 years of Child Day Care experience. We separate reality from the theory of child care to provide a safe, clean and disciplined environment for children to grow, learn and develop. 

All  employees are trained and certified in First Aid, C.P.R, Early Childhood Illness and Child Abuse. 

We strive to provide a quality environment with loving, patient guidance for your child(ren).  Child Development stress positive, personal development in the following areas:

Large & small muscle coordinationA positive self-concept
Sensory perceptional skillsSelf-reliance
Five senses awarenessResponsibility
Health PracticesPerseverance
Healthy Eating HabitsA zest for living

Getting along with othersDevelopment of individuality
Respecting the rights of other peopleExplore & develop a wide ride of skills
Playing fairEnhanced thinking and problem solving
Living within limitsMaximize growth potential

Care Works. provides daily educational classes for all preschool children attending the normal school year. Each child works on his/her readiness skills by working independently and in groups. Children are treated as individuals who learn and move ahead at their own pace. Information is presented, material provided and games played to teach concepts, increase knowledge, improve memory and developing listening skills.  Subjects areas include art, math, science and language skills.

Items are supplied and laundered by Care Works Inc (cots, cribs, sheets, pillows and pillow slips)  for infants through preschool sleep/nap time.  Infant parents provide bottles, formula, baby food, diapering supplies and extra clothing.    Toddler and preschool parents provide extra clothing to act as emergency wardrobes and all diapering supplies if needed.

The center observes ODJFS staff ratios and group size.

Care Works Inc. provides outdoor play in suitable weather for all children in attendance 4 or more consecutive daylights of care.

Parents are welcome anytime in our center. They are welcome to eat lunch with children, participate in activities and so much more. 

Our facility was designed and built to be a CHILD DAY CARE CENTER. Designed by the Architectal  firm of Charles Effinger and build by 
contractor Seitz Construction, both of Norwalk.  Large low windows, age/size appropriate bathrooms, two stage lighting, interior separating 
doors with safety glass inserts for vision between room to room and direct exit for each room used for child care are examples of design and construction providing a safe, effective environment for children.  A large rear outdoor playground has school grade play equipment and is enclosed with 42 inch high chain link fencing providing safe and secure play.